Lovely Ladybugs

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This week, AcadeCampers explored the exciting and beautiful lady bug! We started our week off by asking questions and thinking about what we already know.

Then, we went searching for ladybugs to observe throughout the week – it was like a scavenger hunt because they were so tough to find!

Then, we learned about predators of the ladybug. Ladybugs eat aphids, so we made some popsicles and designed them to look like our prey.


What a tasty snack! We also did some drama and role playing, acting like ladybugs and designing our own wings. We finished up our week by exploring the ladybug life cycle, and creating a play about the transition from each stage of life to the next. 

Each day, we visited the park after lunch and spent time exploring and playing with our friends. Friday afternoon, we visited the splash pad at the park. We spent almost two hours playing in the sprinkler and splashing each other with buckets of water! What a great way to end a fantastic first week at AcadeCamp! 



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