Political Inquiry in a Digital Age

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We live in an age of digital information. How do we navigate the huge amount information available to us from social media, video, and other digital sources? As consumers of information, how do we sift through the misinformation and disinformation to determine what is true? These questions have great significance in the arena of political inquiry.

Students enrolled in the Civics and Citizenship course face this dilemma head on as they begin their investigation of political issues, policies, and actions. Students expand their critical thinking and online verification skills in order to develop confidence in their ability to decide if a source is a reliable source of political information. Through research, discussion, and inquiry, students begin to understand the importance of obtaining and mastering these skills while on their paths to becoming informed and engaged citizens.

​Mme Christine, CHV2O Civics and Citizenship Picture

Source:: PSSP & OSSD

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