The Cooperation Counsel

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Conseil de Coopération – Cooperative Counsel

Définition : Le conseil de coopération est un lieu de gestion de la classe, de mise en commun des réussites, des difficultés et des échecs, un lieu de réflexion pour trouver consensus et solutions. Ce n’est pas une causerie, ni un comité élu par l’ensemble des élèves (conseil de classe).

Every Friday, the Gr. 4-5 do a special activity called the Cooperative Counsel. The activity lasts about 20 mins and each student gets to write a post in a pre-made Padlet. Each column has titles such as : I would like to congratulate or I would like to thank or even I would like to criticize…
The students have to pick 3 columns and write something about a fellow classmate, including the teacher! (as you can see, they would like more screen time! ??‍♀️)

The cooperation council is used to develop social skills, to make learning about collective and individual rights. It aims to empower students facing their class life and their social learning and academic. In doing so, it creates a climate of respect, democracy and classroom cooperation. It is not a court, but a place of resolution of problems where we live in mutual respect.

Source:: GRADE 3 & 4 Blog

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