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Planning your summer? Check out our weekly camp calendar for June, July and August 2019!

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Multiple Streams for young coders and game developers ages 8 and up!

Coding with Python

Acadecoders campers will learn a broad variety of concepts in this stream ranging from python basics, video game development using python as well as extending into advanced topics in AI and software development. Learning the basics of a language is a great start to becoming a coding star and by using Python, a very easy to read programming language with a wide application in the real world.

Foundations of Web Development

AcadeCoders campers will learn about Full Stack web development which is the entire package to designing and building a full-scale website. It is divided into two disciplines that make the practice of web development whole.

The first discipline is front-end development, which is the interaction between the user and the site itself. This is built with HTML as the skeleton of the site, CSS to provide the aesthetic features, and JavaScript for interactions and animations.

The second discipline is back end development, which takes a site from a static page to a dynamic application. This is built with a variety of tools, and AcadeCoders will be following the popular M.E.A.N. stack. This stack contains (M)ongoDB for handling databases (E)xpress.js for building the framework (A)ngular.js for providing a structural front-end framework for dynamic web apps, and (N)ode.js. Node.js allows the creation of Web servers and networking tools using JavaScript.

With the combination of these two disciplines; AcadeCoders will be able to build a website from scratch with various logic and features.

Game Development

We’ve streamlined our AcadeCoders Game Development sessions! They are using Godot 3.0 a new open-source game engine. Using this engine, our AcadeCoders campers program in a Pythonic scripting language known as GDScript, which enables them to take big steps into the programming world, while being captivated by their own ideas and game concepts.


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Week # Week of Program Description
1 Jun 24-28 Coding ELECTRONICS
2 Jul 2-5 (4 days) Coding RASPBERRY PI EXPLORATIONS
3 Jul 8-12 Coding PYTHON 0 TO 100
4 Jul 15-19 Game Development PYTHON POWER GAME
5 Jul 22-26 Foundations of Web Design JAVASCRIPT FRONT END
6 Jul 29-Aug 2 Foundations of Web Design JAVASCRIPT BACK END
7 Aug 6-9 (4 days) Coding MACHINE LEARNING

Week 1: June 24 – June 28


AcadeCoders campers gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of how computers work, they will learn about resistors, transistors, LEDs, binary and logic gates. Using this knowledge and a breadboard, campers will construct their own circuits. Campers will get away from computers to make something out of various components and see their hard work pay off.

Week 2: July 2 – July 5 (4 days)


AcadeCoders campers will be introduced to the Raspberry pi. They learn about the raspberry pi, what it’s used for and how to move around in it. They explore the Linux operating system, working outside of Windows or Mac OS. Campers create their own stop animation movie using the pi’s camera, introducing them to the terminal, pi’s general purpose input and more.

Week 3: July 8 – July 12


AcadeCoders will be introduced to the python programming language. They will learn about conditionals, loops, exceptions, file io, object-oriented programming, good software design. Campers will learn about scripting, syntax, and code readability and more. Python camp will be a good introduction to higher level programming for students interested in going further and building on existing skills.

Week 4: July 15 – July 19


AcadeCoders campers learn to make games by using the powerful, but easy to grasp, language of Python. Create a running game from nothing by learning about the game loop and how to manipulate images on screen. Explore your own imagination and create a world that is all yours in this fun and educational camp. Campers with no prior knowledge of programming are welcome as this will teach core programming concepts and is a great gateway into programming.

Week 5: July 22 – July 26


Learn to create a web page by learning the basics of HTML/CSS and JavaScript. AcadeCoders campers will create a completely customized webpage. Create an interactive interface you can use directly in a browser like Chrome or Firefox. This camp aims to teach the basics of creating the web pages seen all over the internet. This educational camp is a fun learning experience and leads into fields such as Web Design and even Full Stack Developer.

Week 6: July 29 – August 2


Learn to host a web page by learning to use Node.js. AcadeCoders campers will learn to host their own webpage. Create an static and dynamic server which you can run on your own computer (or on your Raspberry pi). This camp aims to teach the basics of creating the back end of web pages seen all over the internet.

Week 7: August 6 – August 9 (4 days)


AcadeCoders campers learn to generate faces and other images with the use of Machine Learning and different neural networks. By feeding our machine images of whatever you like, we can generate new images created by our computer. Machine learning is a new and exciting field of Computer Science that leads into advanced concepts in AI and as well as being a tool to solve large problems.

Week 8: August 12 – August 16


AcadeCoders campers learn to make games by using the open source game engine of Godot. With the help of this free tool, campers will learn to make a video game from one of the many available bases and can modify the game to become something completely their own. Campers of a varying skill level are welcome in this camp.

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