Commercials and PSAs

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Through a fun activity of watching and critically discussing commercials and Public Service Announcements (PSA), the students were to list keywords for the function of each. They also began identifying techniques, tools and elements used to convey the information and/or emotions for the message or product.

Commercials: to persuade, for profit, sale of products, entertainments,
PSA: to inform, for non-profit, a message, often serious

The students inadvertently made their teacher feel old ?? as many of the videos such as the Polar Bear Coca-Cola commercials and the No-texting PSA were ones they had never seen before. Nevertheless, a good transition into learning the concept of “target audience”. They were given different scenarios and products where they needed to determine the target audience. Thus, they pondered:

  • What age group is this for? Is it generational?
  • Is it gender specific?
  • Is it location specific?
  • What interests, hobbies, occupations and/or others would be interested in this?
  • What problem does it solve? ​
  • and more…


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